Who answers my questions on ticket purchase?

For any questions concerning purchase of tickets please write an email to ticket@affilitix.de.

The ticket team answers your questions by phone at:
+49 (0)30 220119199
(Monday to Wednesday 9am to 1pm and Friday 2pm to 6pm)

Which tickets are offered?

Tickets for the afternoon and evening sessions will be offered for each day of the event with a few exceptions.For some events, tickets are available in categories 1 and 2. Category 1 is always the indoor area, category 2 is the grandstand area. The tables and seats in the interior and the seats on the grandstands are numbered. VIP ticket holders (if available) have access to a separate VIP area and additional seats are reserved near the stage.

Tickets for the European Tour Events and the Major Events in Germany are exclusively available online and personalized via the homepage of PDC Europe (www.pdc-europe.tv/tickets/). The ticket prices are also available in the ticket shop. The tickets are “Print@Home” tickets. After a successful order, an e-mail is automatically sent to confirm the order. After the payment for the order has been received, the tickets will be sent by e-mail for printing.Please note: All other suppliers are “resellers” who offer tickets with a considerable surcharge. Tickets that are not purchased directly from us can always be forged or invalid.

In the interest of all fans we therefore take active action against this secondary market: we cannot tolerate commercial resales, i.e. profit-oriented offers and auctions. With the support of our law firm SCHÜTZ Rechtsanwälte (www.schuetz.law), we reserve the right to impose ticket suspensions and contractual penalties on resellers.

A passing on of tickets at the original price is naturally permissible according to § 3 of our AGB (visitor contract under /agb/).However, please enter the name of the new visitor in the name field provided and also observe the inclusion of the GTCs when passing on the tickets.

From the first day of the event, tickets for the event in question can only be purchased at the box office on site. The availability of tickets can then be requested via a direct telephone line to the box office (+49 (0)152 51918442), the respective times of availability will be announced promptly for each event on the homepage of PDC Europe.

Are there any tournament tickets?

Only session tickets are offered in the PDC Europe ticket shop.


If these are available, VIP tickets are listed on the ticket page of the respective event. There you can also see which additional services are included in the tickets.

Admission / Session breaks

There is one afternoon and one evening session per event day. General admission in the afternoon takes place 60 minutes before the start of the session. In the evening, the doors also open 60 minutes before the start. The exact times can be found on our separate information pages for each event.

Important additional information

After the afternoon session the venue will be cleared and a new entrance will be granted. This ensures that only those persons with a valid ticket for the second session can enter the hall. In addition, the hall must be cleaned for the 2nd session. The sooner all spectators have cleared the hall after the first session, the sooner the entrance for the second session will begin. If you leave the event during a session, the ticket loses its validity for that session.

Are there reserved places for wheelchair users?

Yes, at every event there are reserved places for wheelchair users. In order to find the appropriate category, we ask our fans who do not know the local conditions and are dependent on a wheelchair to contact the customer centre of our ticket provider before buying a ticket (ticket@affilitix.de). At PDC Europe events there is no discount on tickets. However, if fans are restricted in their mobility and need an accompanying person, the accompanying person will receive free admission to the event.

Is photography allowed?

Photography is allowed in principle, but only without a professional camera. However, it is expressly pointed out that flashes are not permitted. Only cameras without interchangeable lenses may be used.

Are meals and drinks offered?

Yes, these are offered at all events, bringing your own food is not permitted.

Can I buy fan items at the events?

Yes, we have a merchandise stand at every event where you can buy the latest tour shirts, fan articles and darts accessories.

Player support

Players will appreciate any support that does not interfere with their gameplay. Please respect this, we want to experience all top performances on stage. Therefore, we ask you to only make cheers after the throw and in no case while the player is throwing or concentrating. Darts fans are always fair, whistling to a player is not cool. Please turn off your mobile phone as well.

Security staff/Stewards

The orders of the security personnel and the stewards must be obeyed. For safety reasons, standing on benches and tables is not permitted.At this point we would like to inform you once again that due to the changed security situation at our events, increased controls are carried out at the entrance.It is not permitted to bring larger bags or backpacks (larger than DIN-A4). Only belly bags and small handbags of our female fans are allowed after a check. Please do not carry spray cans (deodorant etc.) or other liquids.We ask for your understanding, the controls serve for the security of all visitors.


The wearing of football jerseys (both club and national teams) and football accessories is generally not permitted! Shirts of darts clubs are explicitly allowed. Otherwise the creativity of the fans is in demand. In general, anything is allowed that does not offend against good manners. The PDC Europe reserves the right to refuse access to the event to persons wearing clothes with right-wing radical or offensive content.

What rules of conduct apply to me as a spectator at PDC Europe Events?
  • No professional cameras- Only cameras without interchangeable lenses
  • No flash- No football jerseys, scarves etc.- After each session all spectators have to leave the hall.
  • Food will be taken care of in the hall, food and drinks may not be brought along.
  • The instructions of the security / stewards are to be followed.
  • No interjections during the games on stage
  • The mobile phone must be turned off during the sessions.
  • It is not permitted to bring along larger bags or backpacks (larger than DIN-A4). Only belly bags and small handbags of our female fans are allowed after a check. Please do not carry spray cans (deodorant etc.) or other liquids.
Who is the organizer of the PDC-Europe-Events and the Darts Galas?

The organizer of the PDC Europe Events and the Darts Galas is Moltke Sports GmbH, Leopoldstraße 32, 80802 Munich.

Where can I follow PDC Europe events live if I do not have a ticket?

All events will be streamed live on pdc.tv. All major events of the PDC and PDC Europe are also available at DAZN.

How do I stay regularly informed about news and events?

By subscribing to the PDC Europe newsletter you will never miss an announcement again. Up-to-date information is also available on the social media channels of PDC Europe on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

How do I become a professional myself?

Everybody starts small. Anyone can take part in the host nation qualifiers of PDC Europe and thus qualify for a European Tour event. Once a year there is also the possibility to get a Tour-Card in order to get the eligibility for all Tour-Card events.

How do I get autographs and photos with the players?

Darts is as close to the fan as hardly any other sport. Before each walk on, players usually give a few autographs to fans within reach. With a little luck, a winning pro can be persuaded to take some more photos and sign some more after the game.

Why is player X not at an event?

Each player decides for himself whether he registers for an event or its qualification. Many players can be found at every event, but some also take some time out, which is understandable in the tightly timed tournament calendar. Normally nine out of ten of the best players in the world take part.

At what age should I take my children to an event?

We are happy to welcome young fans to our events and offer various activities for them. In infancy, however, the volume and length of our events can be exhausting for the little ones. Up to the age of 16, our young fans may only enter the venue accompanied by a legal guardian. All PDC Europe events are subject to the applicable youth protection regulations.