Dear Darts Family,
We as PDC Europe are looking forward to you and to all umcomping events. In the first place it is important to us that everyone feels safe at an event and in the second place that you of course have fun.
To ensure the saftey of you and all others, we have created a list of prohibited items, wich you should please orientate yourself before you come to one of our events.
Prohibited items:
– Pyrotechnics of any kind
– Professional cameras (SLR cameras/ cameras with detachable lenses)
– Vuvuzelas, whistles, drums, trumpets, bells or any other instruments or items that can make noise.
– Clothing, fan articles or other objects that bear distinctive signs of soccer clubs, regardless of the league in which the respective club plays. (Exceptions are signs of national soccer teams, which may be worn on jerseys, other clothing or other objects openly in the event).
– Selfie sticks
– All objects that are classically considered as “throwing toys” such as balls (regardless of size), frisbees, darts
– Inflatable toys regardless of type. Starting from palm trees, guitars, dolls.The same applies to inflatable “islands”.
– Food and beverages of any kind, except, these are needed for medical or health reasons.