On Monday, July 5, 2021 three Associate Member Qualifiers for the European Tour will take place (closing date for registration via the PDC Entry System was Friday at 2pm BST) at the H+ Hotel in Niedernhausen.

The registration time for all three qualifiers is 8.00 – 9.30am. Players who did not register at the venue with the PDC Europe officials during this time are not eligible to play in any of the qualifiers. The first qualifier will start at 10am. The other two qualifiers will start as soon as possible after the previous one.

The format will be best of 9 legs throughout. Only the winner will qualify for the European Tour Event.

The winner of Associate Member Qualifier 1 will be eligible for the Hungarian Darts Trophy 2021 in Budapest (September 3-5, 2021) while the winner of AMQ 2 will qualify for the Gibraltar Darts Trophy (September 24-26, 2021). The third qualifier will be played for a possible third European Tour event.

Each player is allowed to bring a maximum of one accompanying person, whereby both players and their accompanying persons are subject to the general dress code of the DRA!

The three qualifiers are so-called “self mark competitions”, which means that the loser of a match has to mark the following game.